Thursday, July 21, 2011

Potato and Onion Fritters

Hello all!
Here is another recipe that was really easy and fun to make, that I cooked on a whim.

These are Potato and Onion Fritters
I was craving crab cakes, but in my home, we don't have lump crab meat on hand. So, next best thing,
potato pancakes! I was also craving something crunchy, and thought a vegetable fritter would be delicious.

The only veggies in my fridge were lettuce, celery, and onions. I think you can piece together the rest of the puzzle.

1 Baking Potato
1/4 Chopped Onion
1 Tbsp of Garlic
1 Egg
A hand full of bread crumbs (crushed croutons in my case)
Olive Oil
Sour Cream to top

To begin, skin your potato and cut it into four pieces. Put these four pieces along with the 
garlic into a small pot and fill with enough water so that the potatoes are submerged.
Let them simmer for about 15 minutes or until you can stick a fork through the potatoes.

Add the chopped onions to the boiling water and cook for only 2 minutes more. 
Then drain the potatoes, and put them into a new bowl. 
Roughly mash the potatoes leaving enough chunks to keep a good texture.

You want to let the potatoes cool for a little before adding the egg, because if they are too hot, 
you will have breakfast. Mix in the egg, add some salt and pepper to taste, and let the mixture 
sit in the fridge for a few minutes. 
( I took this time to clean up the disaster of a mess that I left everywhere.)

Now fill a sauce pan with about a half inch of olive oil, or any oil you would like to use for frying, 
and let it heat. Make patties out of your cooled potato mixture, and drop them into the oil! 
Fry until golden brown.

There you have it. Potato and Onion Fritters.

*You could add bacon bits and cheddar cheese to make them taste more like a delicious baked potato,
OR you could add more veggies like zucchini with parmesan cheese. 

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