Sunday, July 8, 2012

Linguni with Muscles

**Warning: You are going to need a ticket to this post... to this gun post. Because there's so many muscles!** BA-DU-DUM-CHHH

I have had these white wine and garlic roasted muscles in my freezer for a week or two, and tonight they were finally used! Of course I paired them with a delicous bed of linguini. Delicious!

I seasoned the linguini with:

garlic powder
 italian seasoning

Then topped it off with:

white truffle oil
parmesean cheese

I was slightly torn when I was getting ready to plate the food because I had one perfect plate, made by Connor, and then about 6 so-so plates I found at a thrift shop. The so-so plates are usually perfect for my food, but linguni calls for a slightly deeper plate, and that is what Connor's offers. So he proposed this: "Why don't we just be super cute and eat off of the same plate?" So we did.

PS. This whole dinner took us roughly 30 minutes to cook and eat. :)
Muscles from Kroger in the frozen section.